I hereby:

  1. Represent and warrant that all information provided by me in this application and in any other document submitted to NUS CA2DM is true, accurate and complete and if there is a change in the information provided or becomes inaccurate in any way, I shall promptly notify you of the change or inaccuracy.

  2. Acknowledge that:-
    1. NUS CA2DM may choose to either or reject this application and I agree that you do not need to provide a reason for the approval or rejection.
    2. Access to the facilities involves an inherent risk, including risk of personal Injury, ill-health and/or exposure to disease or infection, and that I will have access to hazardous facilities, equipment, and materials
    3. I make(s) use of such access, facilities, equipment and materials of my own free will and volition and am/is aware of and accept(s) the risks involved
I agree to all the terms and conditions as stipulated in this sections.
I have read the Data Protection Notice For Researchers and Facility User and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). I hereby give my consent to NUS and CA2DM to collect, use and disclose my personal data for the course of required services.
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